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About Us

Chinese Information Processing Laboratory (CIP), formerly known as the “Open System and Chinese Information Processing Center”, was established in 1996. In 1997, we participated in the international cooperation of SEARCH97 Chinese information retrieval platform. Since 2000, we have participated in several international evaluations in the field of information retrieval and natural language processing, such as, TREC, NTCIR, DUC, TAC, etc., and have achieved very competitive results. We currently undertake more than 10 major projects, including National Major R&D Plans, Key Project of the National Natural Science Foundation, Major Science & Technology Projects in Press and Publishing, Key Projects of the National Language Committee, and cooperation with serval large Internet companies. We have also published more than 50 papers in recent years at top-level conferences, such as ACL, SIGIR, AAAI, EMNLP.

Chinese information processing under Internet environment, one of the “One-Three-Five” cultivating directions of our Institute (ISCAS), is located in our laboratory. Currently, we focus on Knowledge-based Natural Language Understanding (K-NLU), such as, Information Extraction (IE), Chinese Knowledge Graph (C-KG), Chinese Semantic Parsing, and Question Answer (QA).

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