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Jian Wu

Phone:   +86-10-62661516

Fax:         +86-10-62661516

Email:    wujian@iscas.ac.cn



I am currently a Professor in ISCAS.


My major research interest includes multi-language processing.

Education& Experience

  1. 1980 to July 1984, majoring computer software in Beijing Information Science & Technology University, obtaining the bachelor’s degree.
  2. 1984 to Nov. 1985, working for Beijing the first light industry institute. Assistant Engineer.
  3. Since Dec. 1985, working for Software Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, as a research assistant, research assistant, associate professor, professor.
  4. March  to September 1994, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, visiting scholar.

Additional Post

  1. An Expert Committeeman of China National Information Technology Standardization Technical Committee.
  2. Member of a council of the Chinese Information processing Society of China.
  3. Member of Professional Committee for Chinese character information processing system, China Computer Federation.
  4. Member of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2/WG2/Ideographic Rapporteur Group.


  1. Excellent tutor at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences,2013
  2. NationalScience & Technology Progress Award (second class),1992
  3. CASScience & Technology Progress Award (first class),1991